CodeGeeX is an AI-based coding assistant, which can suggest code in the current or following lines. It is powered by a large-scale multilingual Code Generation model with 13 billion parameters, pretrained on a large code corpus of more than 20 programming languAges. CodeGeeX是一个基于AI大模型的编程辅助工具可以实现自动代码生成、代码翻译、自动编写注释等功能,支持20多种编程语言。CodeGeeX,AI编程助手,AI编程辅助工具,AI写代码,AI代码生成,代码生成模型,编程工具,copilot,智谱华章,智谱AI,智谱大模型, AI Programming Tool, Code Generation, Code Completion, AI Coding Assistant

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